Protecting Women’s Fertility Class

Sunday March 10th from 10-1:30 pm

This lecture/conversation will discuss ways that women in their child bearing years can enhance and protect their fertility. We will discuss the environmental, life style and nutritional factors that do not work in our favor and what each woman can do to counteract those influences through changing and focusing herself on fertility enhancing nutrition, simple herbs and life style choices.

Donation: $10-40. Sliding scale to be determined by you.
Please arrive promptly. We will meet in rural NW Sebastopol. Details upon registration.

This lecture will be lead by Laurel Brody L.Ac. Laurel brings her 25+ years of specializing in women’s health as a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner to this conversation. She is passionate about this topic and will bring you a wealth of important and helpful information. Handouts will be provided.

RSVP required as space is limited.
Please send your RSVP by e- mail or phone to: Laurel Brody L.Ac.

Please share this with women who would benefit from this information. Thank you!

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